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Unlock the future with our
Imaginative, Immersive & Interactive Solutions.

Latest statistic says, AR,VR or any interactive engagement in a shopping journey entices consumers to take a call to action by 70%. Our Interactive solution is the new game changer in today’s Digital and Socially connected world.

If a picture is worth thousand words then an interactive immersive experience worth thousand unnecessary products that you can control in prototype stage itself. This indeed saves millions of dollars.

We help you bring together thoughts, designs and actions so that your product or service is tested by your end clients much before it hits the market. It helps them to see and experience the product or service multiple times and retain the experience in their mind so that they can take their decision correctly.

It not only helps you to present the right solution to your end-client, but also helps your potential consumer feel at ease. Thus, enhancing the brand likability several times in this competitive market.

How will our Interactive
Solutions PROPEL your Business?

Give you more chances to surprise your prospects with Immersive, Intelligent and Interactive solutions.

Help your Campaigns go Viral easily

Provide you Quality ROI

Maintain Recall and Retention

Evolve your brand with the Best Interactive Services leveraging strategic solution that offers you:

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Chatbot, True Caller Integration and Progressive Web Application (PWA) technologies to develop cutting-edge immersive, interactive and engaging solution for your business. Our services cut across a range of sectors and industries from Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail to Educational Institutes and much more.

Our Interactive SERVICES include

Reality Solution

If you want your Augmented Reality (AR) solution to be gimmick-free and give your customer the true value for money then BlinkInteract is the right choice. We have already provided meaningful solutions to Product companies, Commercial Artists and Real Estate business to name a few. In each case we had been successful to increase the end-customer engagement by more than 70% and also seen an increase of Call to Action by 45%. However, the use cases differs as per your industry.

If you are a Real estate company, AR will typically help you in showcasing your “Show Flat” or other amenities or to give a brief description of the surrounding places. Here’s how we typically do it:

  • Brochure with 2D top level blue print of the flat

  • BlinkAR APP

  • Triggers a 3D Elevation model that rotates 360° to give a birds eye view of the property

  • A 2D image of the show Flat

  • BlinkAR APP

  • Triggers a Walkthrough video of the “Show flat”

Let’s take up another case, let’s consider you are a heavy machinery company. This is how we have helped them in their business.

  • Heavy machineries that cannot be carried to various exhibitions

  • Print images of those machineries and carry them along with you to exhibitions

  • BlinkAR APP trigger 360° rotation and detailed explanation of the machine on visitor’s handheld devices

Virtual Reality

The time is changing and with wider VR adoption, it’s becoming more affordable for Small and Medium Business to jump on board and suggest VR experiences to their customers. The Real Estate, Travel & Tourism and Automobile Businesses are already taking advantage of bringing immersive experience to the consumers. What are you waiting for? BlinkInteract’s immersive technology is revolutionizing online shopping, making prototyping more affordable and changing the way companies empathize with their customers.

If you are in a travel and tourism business then you can take the help of BlinkInteract’s 360° VR Video tours of various hotshot tourist locations to entice your customers to visit those places (obviously through your travel agency).

  • BlinkInteract’s VR solution + (VR headgear)

  • 360° immersive 3D experience of tourist locations

If you are an education institution:

  • BlinkInteract’s VR solution + (VR headgear)

  • 360° immersive 3D experience of study materials across various subjects


A new way to engage, acquire and retain consumers. Engaging with your online customer 24/7 is not humanly possible unless you engage a system that will intelligently engage your prospective clients when you are not around. Intelligent bots not only communicate with your consumers in your absence but also enhances your business using artificial intelligence so that you won’t even miss the human touch. BlinkInteract‘s intelligent bots make it difficult for you to miss your website visitors. Stay on top of your game even if you are not around.

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