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Voice Search 2020 – The New Paradigm

Voice Search 2020 – The New Paradigm

Voice Search Revolution has become a primary feature not only on smartphones but also across multiple arrays of devices. This disruptive technology was brought by Apple when it introduced Siri to iPhone users in 2011.

We have transitioned from using keywords to searching answers to having longer conversational journeys. In the past, we might have searched “travel destinations” on google but today we are more likely to ask Siri or Google “where should I go on holiday?” followed by questions like “when is the best time to go?” or “where should I stay?” Search has transformed from a tool that provides quick answers to one that enables continuous exploration with recommendations tailor-made to our needs.

So, is the voice the future of search with the transition from keywords to conversations?

Let us deep dive more on Voice Search Trend and its new paradigm in the business field from the Founder Director and CCO of BlinkInteract.


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