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Visual Marketing- The Powerful Key For Hospitality Industry

Visual Marketing- The powerful key for Hospitality Industry

If you are a Tourism agency or a Hotelier, you are surely looking out for modes to increase audience engagement and traffic to your sites. It is the easiest and effective way to boost your revenue and reach a huge target audience. So, if you don’t already know it, Visual marketing is a powerful key to woo your consumer’s hearts.

Visuals should be a part of your marketing plan. If it’s yet not introduced in your marketing strategy. Let BlinkInteract help you with it. After all, visual marketing is the most pursued form of digital marketing with 90% of the people strolling through pictures and videos daily.

Videos and pictures are the most sought-after content on the social media platform being the cornerstone of the online world. We have heard that visuals are powerful than words, so how far is the visual communication influential?

  • The number of people watching videos related to travel is increasing exponentially with travel-related content is 118% up year-over-year. So, why not be a part of the communication revolution?
  • People can retain 70% of what they watch, 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read.
  • This shows that visuals are more appealing, specifically videos are more engaging than text.
  • Travel related pictures are 40% more likely to be shared than text over all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and on WhatsApp as well.
  • An image is processed 60,000 times faster on an average by the human brain than the textual format.
  • Pictures are easily consumed and have longer retaining power than texts.

The impact of visual marketing

Have you booked any hotel or traveled without watching videos or strolling through images on various platforms? We already know that 65% of the people will not book without reviews but visuals influence about 53% of the consumers and therefore makes it an even more powerful tool for travel-related decisions.

60% of the marketing professionals have said that video and visuals are the most captivating form of content with the best ROI results. Contact BlinkInteract to gain maximum ROI using one of the most effective methods in Digital Marketing.

How impactful are your visuals in your social media marketing? How are you implementing video marketing across all digital platforms? Just hire the specialist and stop experimenting. Let BlinkInteract be your SMM expert and upgrade your hospitality and tourism business effortlessly.

BlinkInteract will help you revolutionize your Hospitality business with a modern twist to the quote “A picture says a thousand words, but a video shows a million pictures.

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