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Top Digital Marketing Solutions In 2020

Top Digital Marketing Solutions in 2020

Consumer Behavior and expectations, progress rapidly, and this is where the firms must adapt to marketing strategies. The new decade comes with a need to provide an outstanding consumer service experience.

A consumer buying lifecycle changes from a potential buyer to the customer and then to an advocate of that product or service. Customers are changing their pattern and so have marketers using persuasion marketing through influencers. But with that are the consumers having a seamless journey through their transaction, even while they keep on switching between the digital platforms?

Marketers do often have these queries while adapting to changing landscapes in the digital world. So, how do you stay ahead of the Digital Marketing competition in 2020?

What are the expectations of the consumers in this digital-driven marketing world?

Here are 5 major Digital Marketing Solutions for this year that will be the key drivers in our evolution of the experience economy in Digital Marketing:

Experience is Everything!

Digital Customer Experience Strategy is the new trend as it personalizes the service or product with the behavioral pattern

Experience is not a new term; however, it will be a new trend that will be adopted by various firms for branding purpose by driving better engagement in the online experience.

personalized marketing examples


Creating a vision and next-gen personalized experience for your consumers will be a new trend as in 2020.

Don’t let this Digital Customer Experience Marketing Trend narrow the term as it includes both the digital and offline interaction across the consumer buying lifecycle.

If the experience isn’t your strategy, you’re doing it wrong – PWC

“73% point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind price and product quality.”

Contextual Marketing is the Priority

Contextual Marketing- a need for the marketing strategy that has completely evolved the marketing environment by rethinking personalization marketing.

It is a marketing version of the popular theory of Abraham Maslow- ‘Hierarchy of needs.’ With the pyramid focusing from last to first: Availability of Platforms, Techniques, and Products; Personalized Marketing; Authenticity; Purpose and last but not the least- all things combined- Engaging the right target audience at the right moment.

  • Availability:

With Potential consumers having a high expectation, reaching out to them using the best possible marketing tool that is presently trending is the right solution, like for example – TikTok.

Personalizing the customers’ experience through trends study and research. Many businesses opt for a Loyalty Program for personalization other than e-mail marketing.

  • Authenticity:

In this digital world, people want a secured communication with authenticity. Just business is not enough, people want more engagement with them like even posting about their mutual interests.

  • Purpose:

Know and understand the purpose the person is here on the social media platform. For many, social media is a way to escape. Acknowledge their space and at the same time fulfill what they seek within their limited time of visit.

  • Engaging with Right Audience:

In marketing, the experience is availability, purpose, and personalization are the right triggers and all things combined- Right engagement with the right audience is transforming the business growth to new heights.

2020 is the year of humanized marketing and Contextual marketing is a strategy, that’s guided by the behaviors and conditions surrounding your marketing efforts.

Cannot Ignore these Search strategy anymore.

  • The Rise of Visual searching is a star on the horizon with the augmented reality for an immersive experience for the consumers. Visual Search Trend in 2020 with the augmented reality trend will be one of the best solutions for digital marketing strategy.
  • The Voice Search trend has now become a Commercial Tool which can easily optimize the digital marketing strategy in 2020.

In the next five years, it is most likely that the searches will be either through visuals or voice search, thanks to Apple and Amazon Innovations.

As content and concepts are becoming more relative to the people by the penetration of smart speakers and smartphones in daily lives, it is certain that this search trend will be a major hit in digital marketing solution in 2020.

As predicted by ComScore- 50% of all online searches will be through Voice Search trend in 2020. The Gartner research study says that 30% of all browsing sessions will include the voice search market by 2020.

User Experience is the Master Plan

User Experience Trend is more than just usability, it is a Master Key to a Successful Digital Customer Experience Trend if planned and executed for consumer engagement.

good user experience examples 2020

Client – Naturocare- Nature at your doorstep Solution – UX/UI Design by BlinkInteract

Mobile UX Design Best Practices

Client – NexLumiere- Illuminating Lives – Mobile UX/UI Design, Web Responsive UX/UI Design by BlinkInteract

A crucial part of the Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020 for a successful Consumer Experience should be to ease access to view, buy, review and interact with the brand.

As it has already entered the digital customer experience era, it is important that a business website is device agnostic across all platforms.

So, when it comes to building a modern digital experience, UX must be at par with the mobile platforms as reviewed in the stats that 96% mobile users often saw a website’s UX forgotten and about 79% have searched another site as the website did not live up to their expectations.

71% of publishers say content that looks well-organized on mobile devices boosts positive user experience feedback. It is now becoming essential to have a responsive design with the rise of mobile usage and mobile web traffic.

UX is not an optional luxury anymore for businesses to be successful.

Digital Customer experience is now richer and interactive!

Augmented Reality and its interactive content can cut through the digital noise and provide a valuable return to both the parties.

Augmented Reality Trend 2020

With 5G rolling out worldwide in 2020, delivering nearly 100 times faster speeds than 4G, augmented reality is set to get a lot more stimulating.

Augmented Reality- is the best trend for the digital marketing world that can explore an unimaginable opportunity. A brand can weave a complete story to users through this interactive world. Digitally, AR can connect with people emotionally and create a persuasive marketing strategy.

As per the predictions by Gartner, 100M customers will shop in augmented reality by 2020 and that 85% of consumer-based interactions will be managed without a human.

This year’s digital marketing solution is all about how marketers will connect with consumers through relevant concepts and enable them to purchase wherever, whenever and however they want it.

With more than 55% of the global consumers keen on sharing the location and their personal data in return to receive the benefits as saving time and as per the convenience of the consumers. As a result, Digital Marketers have observed an average of 1.5 X growth in key marketing strategy metrics with personalized experiences.

Fresh Innovations and Ideas driven by clever insights of data for a Great Digital Customer Experience is sure to deliver excellent results.

It is exciting to see what the future holds for Digital Marketing and BlinkInteract is here with the best strategies for your business to grow in the digital world.


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