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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends In 2020

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

As a new decade and year start, content planning and strategizing also begin in earnest. Let’s make it easy for marketers with big lookouts and the next top trending social media moments in the marketing community that should not be missed.

Last year’s social media experienced a lot of changes with people realizing in the Personalization in marketing as its 8th P principle.

Following the same personalization rule, it’s now the year to trend with Private Communication, Social Listening, Live Content and a lot more by engaging the Gen Z audience.

Social Media Marketing strategies like TikTok and striking a balance between Private and Public Engagement by going beyond achievements are the New Trends in 2020.

Let’s understand the top 5 trends of Social Media in 2020

   1. Personalized Marketing

Personalization is the holy grail of brand marketing. It provides the ability to speak directly to the consumer or shopper with the right message, at the right time, in the right medium.

Personalized Marketing

Private Communication has been a hot trend as it personalizes the conversation with the customer and provides warmth while solving any issue there is. Private Communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and WhatsApp enable a marketer for an instant revert thus improving the Online Reputation Management as well as the Customer Service.

It is less Public and more private interactions.

As our ‘Friend list’ is becoming unwieldy, many privacy concerns are growing big and with this personalized model of communication, it feels more secure to share information and details with others.

These messaging applications combine nearly account for 5 Billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) and that is more than the traditional networks worldwide.

Key Takeaway: Audiences want more meaningful and secure communication.

   2. Social Listening

Reaching and Reshaping the communication as per the social listening and monitoring of the brand

 Social Listening

A growing trend from the previous year with the number of people using social media channels to communicate with the brand. An increasing number of social media monitoring tools and the growing big data are changing the perspective of brands on the social platform.

Generate Hot Leads and Important Influencers using Social Listening by searching the right people who are vocally looking for a product or service matching yours.

49% of consumers rely on recommendations from Influencers. 

Key Takeaway: Find Hot leads using social media listening and monitoring tools.

   3Live Content

Going live is the new trend!

An interactive way to deliver your brand’s message and grab the attention of the audience.

Video and live-streaming

Live video social media marketing strategy is the most popular trend of 2020 that had gained majority traction in the previous year. People spend 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video as compared to pre-recorded videos.

Video Marketing Platforms like TikTok, Byte, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch are gaining humungous popularity globally as it is search-friendly as well as performing 75 times more than a social media post on Facebook.

54% of the audience would want to watch more video content from a brand or business they support.

Key Takeaway: Incorporating Live Video as a Social Media Marketing Strategy is a must in 2020 to garner more engagement and communication with the audience.

   4. TikTok

The Rise of TikTok as a Social Media Marketing Tool has become a huge success in 2019 and is the latest trend for 2020.

TikTok Trends

TikTok as a Digital Marketing Ad platform will compete with most of the traditional platforms in 2020 and thus with that money will be heavily spent on TikTok. An average user spends about an hour per day on this social media platform, which is more than Facebook comparatively.

TikTok has astonishingly surpassed Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat likes in the last quarter of 2019 with 1.5 billion users.

Key Takeaway: With an average engagement rate of 29% and driving ads on competitor platforms, it is the Top Social Media Trend in 2020.

   5. Going Beyond Success

As it was lastly Instagram will now be removing likes and will be making the counts private globally, thus 2020 Social Media Trends will focus on quality and engagement than an indication of achievement.

. 2020 Social Media Marketing trends

 Exploring new trends to drive more leads and traffic to test the creative output will be major this year. A big challenge on the digital platform is to stand out amongst the crowd. 2020 Social Media Marketing trends will have a lot more than just channel-specific strategy, but also by acknowledging the importance of garnering the engagement rate from the right target audience.

Mastering Social Media Marketing while considering the emotional humanized approach is the way to win big in 2020.

Key Takeaway: 2020 will be the year to set the right tone of voice while experimenting with new ways to be appealing and innovative in both creative and strategic fronts.

There are always new trends coming up with the welcome of a new decade.

However, it is crucial to review what works the best and revise the strategies as per the brand communication and marketing tactic.

So, are you ready to fight the competition and win the challenge?

BlinkInteract is there for you to ensure a successful 2020 with each step you take on Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

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  1. It’s amazing that live social media is the most popular trend this year, and users spend 3x more time viewing a Facebook Live than a normal video. My oldest daughter is starting an online children’s clothing boutique and wants a strong social media presence. I’d imagine that hiring a social media marketing service could really help her business.

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