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Top 5 Designing Trends In 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Designing Trends in 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss

The design world keeps getting bigger and better. The number of trends every year surpass the trends of the previous year. And, when specifically talking about the past decade, the shift in designing has been enormous. With the beginning of 2020, there are surely some more exciting trends in designing awaiting to kick-in. So, here’s a specifically curated list of a few design trends by Blink-Interact which every design enthusiast should keep up with in order to create a mark:

1. Level Up with Typography

Creating innovative compositions by implementing Typography never goes out of trend. And, the year 2020 is going to be no different. In fact, the trend of Typography is expected to flourish further this year. Following are the distinct variations in Typography which are sure to level up your designing approach:

Typography Trends for 2020

  • Artistic Typography: Give an artistic touch to your designing style by using geometric shapes, stunning flowers, and other interesting elements.
  • Drawing Shapes: Creating designs by using circles, twirls and curves, is surely a hit practice to implement. Also, using stairs, cubes to create 3D objects is a thing to follow.
  • Semi-transparency: Words overlapping on each other or semi-transparent typography over photo has been a trend followed and admired by all. And, in 2020 you’re going to see more of it.
  • Maxi Typography: Maxi Typography is all about splitting words into different lines. This form of designing has always been popular and in this year, it’s going to continue.
  • Simple yet Heavy Fonts: We often see heavy fonts extensively used in logos, packaging, web designs. They not only complement simple graphics, but also grab attention. The trick here is to use them wisely. Otherwise, the impact can get reversed. So, in the coming year, make sure to use this form of styling in the right proportion.

2. Minimalism for Maximized Impact

Minimalism is not a new term for the design experts. In fact, it’s quite popular amongst designers working for Tech companies. You must have noticed the use of Minimalism on the landing pages of Tech companies. Using white space in designs and clean graphics are some of the widely used design patterns. In 2020, Minimalism is expected to rule not only the Tech industry, but other industries as well.

Minimalist Design 2020

3. Create Voice with Muted Color Palettes

In 2020, Muted Color Patterns are going to bring the freshness to the overall world of designing. For those who are not already aware of the term ‘Muted Color’, it’s nothing but a color with a black or white tint added to it. So, make sure to cash on it by adding it to your designing checklist.

Muted Color Palettes Trend 2020

4. Abstract Illustrations for Real-time Engagement

Illustrations play a major role in generating more engagement, especially on social media platforms. Using illustrations to create social media content is a great way to entice followers to pay more attention to your posts. Corporate giants like Twitter, Apple, Spotify have successfully used abstract illustration to further uplift their creative game as per their brand persona. So, to get in the league of these giants don’t miss to make the most of unusual color contrasts and exaggerated proportions in 2020.

Illustration Trends for 2020

5. Create Buzz with Branded Animation

GIFs and animation have taken over the world since quite some time. Still, they are not capitalized well by brands. In 2020, Branded Animation is not only going to be a buzzword extensively used, but also a design practice extensively followed. To cut through the competition and create a unique brand identity make the most of Branded Animation in the year 2020.

So, as per us, these are going to be the top 5 design trends for 2020. Hopefully, these trends will help you to make your design game stronger this year.

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