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Humanizing Financial Product And Services With The Art Of Storytelling

Humanizing Financial product and services with the art of storytelling

Let’s face it, marketing a financial product is challenging and the greatest challenge to overcome is creating enticing content to retain the audience and maximize the reach. Particularly speaking of Financial services, we know that it is a relationship building process, so what is the best way to engage your advisors and investors to your Financial service app in this digital age?

Fortunately for the financial services, BlinkInteract has innovated a highly effective solution for your problem.

People love to watch more than reading. They love stories.

It is a proven fact that stories can impact our thought process, our decisions and our feelings, especially when used in professional communication. Effective storytelling is an amazing tool by which a Financial house can immediately establish communication on a personal level with their audience because:

  • People love visuals and stories and can have a better and faster grasp of concepts.
  • Stories simplify the message while establishing your brand with deeper engagement.
  • People are interested in those, whom they know and trust. Stories can influence people with better recall and reliability.
  • 60% of people react positively to visually produced content.

Can things like retirement savings and life insurance have the same effect to evoke the feelings like various consumer-oriented brand do?


Storytelling is a technique that can engage the audience faster than reading texts or posts online. How?

Using Storytelling as a medium, financial services can humanize the brand and bring the product and services alive that will resonate with the future digital age.

Brands can use this great marketing strategy tool to persuade and educate even a common man about investments funds. With less ad spot needed and high reach and frequency online, it can be the best way to create a recall value when an investor thinks about it.

Financial Storytelling can easily help people understand the common misconceptions regarding financial decisions. For example, like the number of ads run online by Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI)- Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, that explains and busts common myths about investment such as there will be lock-in or you need a very high amount to start investing or that returns in equity are completely dependent on market fluctuations. It is pleasantly surprising how effortlessly and efficiently AMFI are targeting the audience and spreading a wider network. By storytelling, you can influence people about your products or services like showcasing different schemes and plans for everyone.

Brands that tell stories and excite audiences in this way see a huge return on their investment, as customers start to feel involved, and more likely to take action. Animated Infographics or Whiteboard animations or a simple video story can provide visual context to figures and numbers allowing the clients even the financially savvy to connect with your brand powerfully on an emotional level. After all, storytelling has been a communication medium for ages.  Financial Services need to cultivate the art of great social media marketing strategy and how people’s lives will improve by making smart financial decisions while also managing the mundane details of financial life to the average customer.

A top Financial brand will always include professional statisticians and number crunchers but will also need visualizers, wordsmiths, linguist and great storytellers. BlinkInteract offers state-of-the-art Audio/Video and motion graphics services such as White-Board Animations, Explainer Videos, AV and interactive videos and storytelling that will help you to connect to potential investors in the Financial market.


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