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How AI Is Changing The Future Of Educational Sector

How AI is changing the Future of Educational Sector

Let AI Increase the Enrollment of Students

With Higher Education institutions facing difficulties to reach students, it is very evident that competition among these institutions is at an all-time high. The current generation of students demands personalized experience and a faster response rate. Even though much of the student crowd is available on the internet, institutions are having a hard time increasing enrollment rate.

Understanding all the scenarios, how can the Higher Education Institutions leverage the new-age technology to reach the students effectively?

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots- A perfect solution for all the Colleges, Universities to reach their prospects more efficiently in 2019! Well, now is the time the institutions introduce AI and Chatbot Technology in their marketing strategy. This way, students can have better access to relevant institutions and instantly have a personalized experience that is quick and interactive. AI and Chatbots are drastically changing the perspective of all the brands and consumers.

Advantages and only advantages …….

  • AI and Chatbots are on the rise by proving to be a silver bullet in this innovative ed-tech world.
  • AI is a Quick and Interactive means of communication for students in this futuristic age.
  • Connects with students on an emotional and interactive level.
  • Efficiently tracks staff-student engagement using intelligence.
  • Low cost associated using the advanced mechanism.
  • It makes complex contexts easy to understand.
  • Boosts the learning process and admissions.
  • Reduces teachers’ overload.

Futuristic Education: AI in Classroom

The mentors and the support system for teachers-students play a crucial role in shaping the mindset and education of the students. The special Student-Teacher bond will become even stronger with AI assisting students and teachers on technicalities that helps teacher focus more individually and in different learning needs of each student.

The Smart style of teaching will lead all the way….

Let’s understand how can AI change the teaching pattern? AI will not only help the teachers with performance tracking of students, but will also enable the teachers to personally attend each student and guide them accordingly.

  • AI can track performance, grade exams, and papers more efficiently and accurately.
  • Instant Insight to the student’s performance and progress.

….and the Innovative way Students will educate.

Now let’s see how this technology is a savior for students! AI can assist the students to understand a specific concept that is confusing and can support the students by helping them with feedbacks and performance tracking.

  • Make students smarter with daily updates and scheduling their syllabus.
  • Learn and Understand concepts that are complex and lead to great success.

Educational Institutes and the RTA formula

Higher Educations and Institutions can benefit a lot by using AI technology that can Research, Track and Analyze the data the way students learn and behave over time. This will produce relevant and useful results. BlinkInteract will help you grow your Institution with Innovative AI and Chatbot technology.

“By 2020, the average person will have more conversation with bots than with their spouse, in fact, it is estimated that 85% of interactions will be with chatbots.

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