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Convert Your Ex-students Into Social Influencers To Reach Potential New Students.

Convert your ex-students into social influencers to reach potential new students.

With Millennials and Gen Z ruling the Digital age, Educational Institutes and Universities need to think digital. To reach youth and more prospective students, Institutes need to up their Social game and follow the path. Being social with students is more than being visible on channels like Facebook, Instagram and others. It is about relating and resonating with students to reach current, prospective and even passed out students.

So, how can Educational Institutes reach more prospective students in this Digital and Social Age with so many options?

Through Students Influencers! You can influence and reach more prospective students through current or ex-students than using traditional digital marketing strategies.

The concept of Influencer marketing is not a new marketing strategy. It is one strategy that is proven very effective for building trust among consumers especially the Millennials and Generation Z.

Passed out Students are the perfect weapon to target other applicants and increase enrollments, known as Social Influencer is regarded as the most powerful marketing gimmick than the rest of the tools.

But, why should your Institution support influencer marketing? It is not just trendy but also embraces the goals with strategic benefits that are valuable to your Institution.

Benefits of Student Influencer Marketing for your Institute:

  • Branding: Promoting your University through Influencer marketing is a smart decision, as it will gain more brand recognition
  • Reach New Audience: Those ex-student influencers already have an established audience that trusts and values the recommendation made by them.
  • Partnership: Influencer will help you create a great marketing strategy and will continue to partner with your institution till it adds value to the Influencer’s audience.
  • Industry Leader: Overtime, the partnership will be fruitful to establish your Institution as an authority that builds trust with students over other universities.

More than 75% of respondents reported that Influencer Marketing in Educational Sector will:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: Influencer marketing increases brand awareness and thus increasing the enrollments and recruitments through the partnership with student Influencer who is Industry influencer as well as reach new geographical locations.
  • Build and Engage Community: Ex-Students can easily build the trust of their community and drive discussions around key topics, thus keeping the community engaged.
  • Competitive Advantage: Social Influencers in the educational sector can advocate highly about your brand to their peers, amplifying the mindshare through Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).


What will be the aftermath of using students as Influencer in your Marketing strategy?

  • Alumni: Alumni and ex-students will encourage the peers and current senior students with their experience and sense of ownership.
  • Cost Effective: Influencers are just mere students and not some organization, thus converting the cost per lead into a higher ROI.
  • SEO and Site Authority: Influencers often include the brand’s link and mentions on social media platforms, thus creating site authority and a higher rank on search engines.
  • Strategic Leverage: There are only so many influencers to go around in this highly competitive field. Student Influencer marketing might still be a new thing on the Digital Marketing curve for Educational Institutes and Universities.

Experience the power of student social influencers as 80% of the IX and X standard board exam students get influenced by their seniors or peers. So, now might be your time to digitalize your brand and create strategic leverage. Create an amazing online engaging community with BlinkInteract to strategize your Influencer marketing plan. BlinkInteract will help you convert your ex-students into Influencers.


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