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Augment The Reality Of Retail – Augmented Reality 2020

Augment the reality of Retail – Augmented Reality 2020

Today technology has changed almost everything. It is time for a digital transformation in all sectors. Brick and mortar are also undergoing revolutionary change, especially with e-commerce re-shaping the shopping choices over the years making it more efficient and convenient. With such a tidal wave of digital and technological advancements, the physical stores have also found their way out.

AR is the perfect solution for e-commerce and retail sector. With each year, as the technology advances and so does the trends. Augmented Reality is no more a thing of the future, it is the present for the retail sector with the recent launch of Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.

Moreover, 75% of customers expecting retailers to provide an augmented reality experience.

While AR is fun and entertainment, it also offers many other benefits to retailers.

AR is estimated to be valued at $61.39 billion dollars by 2023. So, let’s dive deep with more detailed benefits.

AR Retailers with Benefits

  • Personalization:

As the young generation expects a more personalized approach, AR is the best technology for the retailers. About a third of this generation are more likely to purchase a product after previewing it or trying it through AR tech.

  • Opportunity:

Where there are shoppers and retailers, there is an opportunity for AR. About 40% of the consumers would be willing to pay more for a product if they get an AR experience of the products.

  • Minimum Return:

Implementing AR technology would also eliminate the difference between “How the dress looks? Thereby, reducing the product return rate and enabling the shoppers with better judgment.

  • Modifying Space

Retailers can easily reinvent space in their stores with AR. With quick modification to the store, retailers can include a window with beautiful scenery, where there is none or can introduce a new display of products without expanding the physical store with more shelf space.

AR App

Retailers can engage the audience with the real-time experience of buying a product with a creative AR app launch that can share the product to their audience. Retailers can use this app as an opportunity to augment the printed materials like the brochure and catalogs with the live magic.

Bring home the experience

Retailers can also bring the experience and technology to the people and to their home by incorporating AR into their app or by partnering with an AR tech firm. Retailers can launch interactive magic with AR into their products and brand.

The Live Brand

The brand that goes live with this instant tech is spotted first among the crowd. With Millennials and Generation Z ruling more than half of the population, it becomes difficult to interest these buyers. So, with augmented reality retailers can engage the audience with AR packaging that scans all the necessary product details instantly.

French-based sportswear brand, Lacoste, is the perfect example of augmented reality. The brand recently launched its AR application to engage its young audience enabling them to discover the virtual world of the brand’s offering. Lacoste’s ‘Bringing the Color’ campaign has worked its magic with 30,000 user engagement.

So, now it is your chance to give your in-store products an AR makeover. Make the details of your product offering come alive with grandeur. Let BlinkInteract help you to engage your savvy audience with this new age tool and enhance your customer’s buying decision.

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