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6 SMM Tips To Revive Your Retail Business Endgame In A Snap

6 SMM tips to revive your Retail business Endgame in a Snap

Social media is surely not the only option before you make buying decisions, but it definitely changes the perspective of a certain brand in a crucial way.

Is your retail market SMM strategy going in the right direction?

74% of consumers use social media to guide their purchasing power and about 71% guide others about a brand through social media experience and recommendations.

Consumers are no longer just a demographic figure or statistic in the retail sector. It has now become valued customers seeking a real, authentic and more personal relationship with meaningful interaction. But with radical social media developments, how do the brands survive the SMM in the retail industry?

Here are six social media tips for your Why’s and How’s to maximize your retail business growth and boost sales.

The Trust Factor:

60% of consumers no longer trust social media networks.

  • It’s a challenging time for retailers with the recent data privacy case and the latest shift in social media strategies.
  • To make this easier, brands can train the staff to connect with consumers on the social media platform, thereby sharing brand-related information content to build a direct connection with their audience.
  • John Lewis, a UK-based high-end department store has introduced an employee advocacy app across the Nation in 2018 that has enabled the brand to drive growth and sales by increasing its engagement and awareness.

The Power of Stories:

64% of marketers have implemented Instagram Stories into their social strategy.

  • Consumers are shifting from desktop use to a truly heavy mobile network usage that enables the users to capture their ‘special moment’.
  • Stories are fun to experiment, visually engaging, consumed on the go; giving the real feel of the moment and personalizing each user’s emotions.
  • British Online and Fashion Retailer, Asos, created fantastic results and engagement using Instagram Stories in 2017-18 with 244 million views and a 13% rise in social media followers globally to 22.7 million.

Power of Instagram Stories

Few More Examples of Instagram Stories

Power of Instagram Stories

Cover Image For Fitness, Yoga Instagram Stories


Personalizing Social Experiences:

69% of US consumers said that directly communicating with a firm helps them feel more comfortable and confident about the brand.

  • A specific shift from public space to private has been noticed with the rise in messaging applications.
  • With users’ interest level in personal communication, brands have started using the messaging application to create higher-value communication like infographics or advice rather than spamming and annoying.
  • The world’s famous branded American pizza restaurant chain, Dominos is using Facebook Messenger bot that enables the consumer to search for coupons and take delivery orders.

You can’t get more personal than this. You could even opt to put products into different groups to present the most relevant ad in every situation. In many cases, segmented marketing also allows for amazing personalization in ads.

Take a look at what Expedia did:

Personalization in Social Media Marketing

The user who clicked this ad and searched for hotels in Whistler was later re-targeted with the following ad on Facebook.

Personalization in Social Media Marketing

Showing specific copy aimed at common pain points can help the customer feel like you really understand them. This can help start the relationship off on the right foot.

Adapting and Adopting:

Spontaneity and Experimenting with ever-evolving technologies pay off.

  • Now is the right time to up your social commerce game and experiment with AR and custom GIFs in your posts, stories or ads.
  • GIFs enhance images, grab attention with direct viewership action like ‘Call-to-Action’ and AR brings the in-store comfort and experience directly at home.
  • French Beauty multinational chain, Sephora, has started with in-store makeovers that will feature a log-in if the makeup is done in the store. While also, the store utilizes an AR technology allowing consumers to try on the products and purchase it online directly if they like it.
  • UK-based Bristol City Football Club, an English Championship brilliantly recorded the video of its players pretending to score goals and celebrating it ahead of the 2017-18 season. They intelligently converted the video into GIF’s and broadcasted it on Twitter. Their spontaneity rocketed their Twitter Followers from 10,000 to 163,000.


The other Social Media:

  • It is very important to understand users and their usage like Pinterest users account for 39% active retail shoppers, which is not a well-recognized platform by retailers.
  • According to study tracking done from five retailers, Pinterest has outperformed all the other measured marketing channels and recorded scaling of 5% of their overall digital marketing budget without losing ROI.
  • UK-based accessory and Furniture retailer, The Conran Shop, developed a new in-store strategy working in coordination with Pinterest. The UK retailer introduced “Pin-codes’ on products in the store that enables the users to scan their Pinterest on mobile apps that revealed product details and valuable information.

Pinterest Marketing

Reinventing Retail Experience:

The retail platform can reinvent itself with a great makeover with the help of the latest trend for in-store experience by using mobile as a marketing strategy.

  • Captivate your customers with a unique retail experience by strategizing digital media experience to in-store through mobile app and voice search strategy.
  • Make mobile a part of the shopping experience as globally m-commerce share in e-commerce is expected to reach 72.9% globally by 2021 as per Statista.
  • The Smartphone is the leading m-commerce device, with 83% of shoppers preferring it. A recent Microsoft study explains that the acceptance of voice-activated shopping continues to grow and that 34.9 percent of respondents have already placed at least one order using voice assistants, which they would rate as positive.
  • Sephora brand has started working on in-store and its social media marketing strategy to stay ahead in the game while it is an apocalypse for other retail brands. The French brand has compiled customer profiles and data for the best mobile-driven experience online. It also tracks the behavior of the consumers. They have also launched a loyalty program where consumers willing to opt with their data and pictures for further discounts and promotions.

When you think creatively with social, there is always a chance for some unexpected magic and commercial opportunity to come your way.

Our SMM expertise will help you bridge the gap between Online and Offline worlds with its Onlife Marketing Strategy and draw consumers to your stores effectively. Reach out to BlinkInteract to know what your retail business is missing out just in a snap.

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