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5 Full Proof Ways To Get More Visitors On Your Site Without Spending A Lot Of Money

5 Full Proof Ways to Get More Visitors on Your Site Without Spending a Lot of Money

Website is defined as ‘a set of related web pages located under a single domain name’ on the internet. But, when we go deeper, it’s a digital representation of a business/brand. There are a lot of efforts, money and time invested in making a website. And, it doesn’t end there, the real struggle begins ones the entire website is complete. As you’ll have to put in all your energies in driving traffic on the website.

Website traffic is essential for driving business growth. It acts as an indicator for calculating the impact of marketing strategy. It enables you to collect insights of your target audience in order to improve SEO credibility. In short, more leads, conversions & customers.

But, to attain all the results mentioned above, you need to drive quality traffic to your website.  Here’s a carefully crafted list of proven measures by BlinkInteract which will help you to get more traffic on your website in the most organic way:

Play it Smart with Social Media:

Driving more audience to your website is surely not an easy task. But, using Social Media effectively surely helps you reach closer to your objective. Quality content is the key foundation on which you can plan numerous activities to draw desired results. Following are some of the ways which will facilitate you to increase the reach of your website:

  • Be a part of closed communities like Facebook Groups in order to reach out to the right audiences.
  • Spread new content by sending direct messages on Whatsapp & Facebook messenger.
  • Use Medium to re-publish your blog posts
  • Connect with the interested target group by using hashtags on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Always remember, it’s not about the number of people you, but the number of right people you reach out to.

Make the Most of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often considered as a difficult concept by many. That’s why SEO experts are in so much demand. It is strategically crafting (writing & designing) your website to get more traffic on search engines. Quality content, UX, site speed etc. are some of the factors which need to be considered to ensure your website links  appear in searches of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). In short, to get more results in an organic manner, your website needs to be SEO optimized.

Remember Content Marketing is the Key:

We have heard, ‘Content is King’ like a zillion time. But have you ever thought what it exactly means? Content is everything right from videos, podcast episodes, blogs to slideshows etc. Content is designed to answer numerous doubts that a specific set of people has. These people are referred as ‘target audience’.

There are few things you can do in terms of content to attract more traffic to your website. Like simply writing an SEO optimized blog can increase organic traffic on your website. You can hire an expert to write blogs and offer solutions to your target audience. Also, you can create videos or slide shows to answer queries & gain traffic. Always remember, quality content will entice your target group to sign up, buy something and most importantly to trust & be loyal to your brand.

Have a Voice on Q & A Websites:

Q & A Websites like Quora and Stack Exchange enable you to get found online without actually spending a lot. In fact, these websites are considered to be organic traffic machines which can do wonders for the brands.

As per Alexa, Quora is on the 110th rank of most popular websites in the world and on the 61st rank in the USA. However, you need to invest some time on these websites in order to understand how they work and how you can be benefitted the most by using them.

These websites work on the simple formula of quality over quantity. Select the topics you’re most confident about, put forth your voice in the most impactful way and attract relevant audiences with the answers that add value.

Make sure to track your efforts in order to calculate the results and plan a way forward. Apart from Quora and Stack Exchange, Blurtit, The Answer Bank, Answers.com and Answerbag are some of the websites you can refer.

Interact & Create Impact with a Monthly Webinar:

As per a popular report, websites which conduct webinars generate 51% registration conversion rate. So, if you have knowledge, then make sure to use it to connect with the audience and create an impact through it.

In order to get more people to attend your website, you need to promote it on your social media channels and also put follow up posts to keep the registrations flowing in.

There are a few steps you need to follow to make your webinar a success – 1. Pick a topic & use optimized headline to gain a traction on your website. 2. Create a landing page for your webinar. 3. Record a small video for showing audiences what they can expect from the session. 4. Review your session, record it and present your content.

Always remember, people are hungry for knowledge. So, if you give them what they want, you’ll end up getting what you want, i.e. increased traffic.

So, these are the 5 ways we swear by to generate traffic on your website by spending minimal amount of money.


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