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10 Ways To Make Landing Pages Work For You In 2020

10 Ways To Make Landing Pages Work For You in 2020

It’s already the start of a new decade and Landing Pages are still relevant. Many of the Marketing houses had predicted around 2017 that by 2020 we will completely shift to Landing page-less world with the entry of Chatbots and DPAs (Digital Personal Assistants) that do not need a landing page and can trigger from anywhere. But Landing Pages still exist and form part of any company’s marketing strategy. According to MarketingSherpa‘s research, landing pages are still highly effective for 94% of B2B and B2C companies (Source: HubSpot).

However, marketers do complain a lot that their Landing Pages are not working or not generating the leads that they were expected to deliver. Before blaming the landing pages for their poor performances, let’s take a look if we as marketers are doing things correctly.

These are the 10 sure-shot guides from BlinkInteract for a successful Lead generation Campaign using Landing pages.

1) What Not to miss in an Effective Landing Page –

  1. A Header (mandatory) and A Sub Header (optional)
  2. A body copy explaining in a clear way what to expect from the page and why to fill up the form
  3. At least one supporting image (preferable) or video
  4. The Form
  5. Clear CTA button
  6. Supporting security badges (if any)
  7. Social Share icons (Social bookmarks). Very important to make Campaigns go viral.

2) Get Rid of the Main Navigation Bar –

This is one thing we need to talk in detail. Many times, clients ask us to keep the home links of the main site on the Landing page as well. The reason that they give is that if they keep the main navigation bar on the landing page there are chances that visitors will also view their main website. It has been proven that it is the exact reason why we should not keep the Main Navigation bar at the top of the Landing Pages. Landing Pages have a very specific purpose. Once a visitor arrives on a landing page, it’s our job to keep them there. If there are links on the page to move out, it will distract the visitor and decrease the chance of them converting on the page.

Get Rid of the Main Navigation Bar

One of the best ways to increase landing page conversion rates is to simply remove the main navigation from the page.

3) Keep the Headline of the Landing Page similar to the Ad CTA –

Keeping the Headline of the Landing page close to your Ad CTA helps in two ways:

a) Reduces ambiguity – People find the same content that they were expecting when they clicked the CTA link from the Ad.

b) Establishes the claim and trust – If people click on a link for a free offer and then find out there’s a catch on the landing page, you’ll instantly lose their trust. Hence, it is mandatory to have consistent messaging for CTA and communication.

4) Make the CTA stand out –

If the Call to Action button or link blends with the background color of the page, then it will not solve the purpose. CTAs are supposed to be on your face. Hence, use contrasting colors to make the CTA stand out.

Which CTA button has better visibility and contrast? A or B?



Obviously, B isn’t it?

5) Declutter the Page –

Your visitors will be distracted if you present them with a cluttered landing page. “LESS IS MORE” in this context. Be brief and to the point. If you are giving away some offers, it’s very important to explain the benefits of the offers, if you are proving a FREE DEMO, then the Benefit of the DEMO has to be established clearly. A clear benefit statement or bulleted list increases the probability of better CTA.

Cluttered landing page design

A cluttered landing page design

Clean landing Page Design

A Clean landing page design

6) Place the CTA as per Heat Map –

According to heat map analysis, the propensity to view anything by viewers “below the fold” will only be 50%. Hence it is extremely important to know where to place the CTA button and how many times. It is proved that CTA buttons placed on the first fold of the Landing Page and over the Heat Map hot zones, drive more clicks than anything placed away from the hot zones.

Place the CTA as per Heat Map

7) Form: The Length and Breadth of it –

It might be a pertinent question of every marketer how much or how little information they should capture with a form. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how many fields the form should contain however, BlinkInteract has tested that the best balance is achieved when we collect only the information we need. Also, we have tested success when we have changed a very lengthy form of 25 questions to two parts Mandatory and optional. However, we had broken the optional questions in a small snippet of questions rather than asking all questions in one go.

In one of our recent projects with one of the largest Fitness Center, we have increased the form fill-up rate by 35% by doing so.

8) Visitors are allergic to the word “SUBMIT” –

To use the word, SUBMIT or not use is the question. The new-age visitors are allergic to the word “SUBMIT”. Instead, if we turn the statement into some benefit that relates to what they are getting in return they might click on the button. We can name our submit button to say, “Get Your Brochure Kit.” or “Download whitepaper,” or “Get your free e-book,” or “Join our Newsletter.” as per requirement.

9) Reduce Anxiety with Security Certificates or Seals –

Let’s face this. People are paranoid about their privacy. If they doubt a little, they will not share their detail with you or your business. Hence it has become an absolute necessity to add Security Seals and declarations that the company will not share users’ detail with any third party. Adding testimonials or customer logos is another great idea to indicate social proof. e.g. if you’re offering a Free Trial, then you may want to include a few customer testimonials about the product or service. Works great in both B2B and B2C sectors.

10) Social Shareability & Why it is Important-

Including the Social share buttons or Social bookmarks enable your prospects to share content and offers in their close circuit. It is better to add multiple social media channels as well as email because people have different sharing preferences. More people share your offers or deals, more people land up on your page. That leads to more people filling out your form and become live leads!

These 10 guides contain many best practices for making your Landing pages work to help bolster your conversion rates, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, dive in and create great Landing Pages that garner leads. May The Force Be With You!

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